5 Reasons Why Cockroaches Are Secretly Terrifying And 5 Ways To Fight Back


Looking like a cross between Predator and larvae, no pet elicits fear and terror quite like the humble cockroach. Whether you’ve had one jump out at you, fly in your face or crawl over your foot, it’s hard to be indifferent towards the appearance and movement of this type of pest. The terrifying truth is that cockroaches actually are just as scary as they look. Here are five reasons you should be concerned if you see a cockroach in your home.

#1. Cockroaches Can Live For A Week Without Their Heads

According to Discovery Canada, cockroaches can last for up to one week without their heads. The reason they ultimately die is due to thirst, as they can no longer drink.

#2. They Can Eat Soap and Paper

Cockroaches don’t need food to survive. They have been known to eat soap, paper, cigarette butts and even plastic in their quest for survival. This is terrifying because most people believe that cockroaches only target unclean homes with food remnants. However, even the cleanest of homes can suffer from an invasion.

#3. Cockroaches Can Hold Their Breath For Up To 40 Minutes

While us humans can’t hold our breath for too long without passing out, cockroaches can go without breathing for up to 40 minutes. This helps explain why they will still survive even if you flush them down the drain. Many people have noticed cockroaches at some point in a kitchen or bathroom and tried ‘flushing them out’. At least now you know why this never works.

#4. Cockroaches Take Up To 15 Minutes To Drown

No amount of water or liquid-based cleaner will kill drain-dwelling cockroaches. They can survive in water for up to 15 minutes before they drown. This is terrifying as it means that cockroaches can enter the drainage system and make it to a home without succumbing to the water.

#5. Cockroaches Can Squeeze Through The Tiniest Of Gaps

Cracks in a window frame or wall measuring just 1/16 of an inch wide can let cockroaches through. Cockroaches can contort their bodies enabling them to squeeze through impossibly narrow gaps in search of food.

How To Prevent Cockroach Infestations

Like all pests, cockroaches enter homes in search of food and shelter. Here are five ways to fight back.

#1. Cleanliness

The most obvious way to guard against cockroach infestations is simply to keep up good levels of cleanliness. Keep your floors clean and don’t leave open food containers in your cupboards or pantry.

#2. Store Food Sensibly

Keep open food in your fridge and use sealed storage jars to keep loose food such as cereals once the packages have been opened.

#3. Store Trash Carefully

Many people are sloppy about how their store trash. This applies to storing trash both inside and outside your home. In your home, keep trash in a secure metal flip-top bin. Foot-operated bins help keep food remnants and spillages to a minimum as you free up the use of both your hands. Outside you home, don’t keep trash near the walls of your home. Keep trashcans well away from your property to discourage insects from paying a visit.

#4. Seal Gaps And Cracks

Caulk or tubes of expanding foam are readily available from any hardware store. Top brands such as Touch ‘n Foam are ideal for effortlessly filling gaps and cracks around your window and door frames, vents and other areas. This keeps termites out and, as an added bonus, reduces air loss. This reduces the cost of cooling and heating your home to some extent.

#5. Get A Free Inspection

Many pest control firms offer free, no-obligation inspections for pests such as cockroaches. Getting an inspection is the best way to fight back and ensure your home isn’t invaded.


These five terrifying facts about cockroaches mean that they are just as scary as they look. Follow our five-point guide to fighting back and keeping your home cockroach free.

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