The Top 10 Outdoor Pest Proofing Ideas This Summer

Summer has finally descended on Canada and outdoor life is popping with activity. Few Canadians bother to check their yards for signs of pest infestations but the latest research suggest that they should. According to Discover Canada, most pest infestations actually begin in the yard and the pests simply gravitate towards the home if the conditions are right. Scouring your yard for sources of food and water is the best way of deterring pests from entering your home. Here are ten top tips for pest proofing the outside of your home this summer.

#10. Move Trashcans Away From Your Property


Never keep garbage cans nears the walls of your property. Where possible, always position the cans as far away as possible from your doors, windows and walls to discourage pests for inviting themselves inside. Where possible, keep your can on the curb to minimize the chances of pest infestations from occurring.

#9. Seal Wall And Window Cracks

Use caulk or spray foam to seal gaps and cracks in the walls, windows and foundations around your home. Pests such as cockroaches can squeeze through gaps measuring just 1/16 of an inch. Many manufacturers of spray foams sell a range of products, each designed for specific areas such as windows and doors, large gaps and so on.

#8. Clean Up Your Yard

Infestations of aggressive pests such as termites usually begin in the yard. Never stack logs against the walls of your home or allow piles of trash to build up. Pests that nest in these piles will soon start eying up your home.

#7. Visually Inspect For Signs Of Damage

Tell tales signs that your home may already be suffering from infestations are soft, cracked areas of wood. You can visually inspect for areas of bubbling paint and physically check wood by touching and tapping it.

#6. Trim Plants Down Near Your Home

Shrubs, bushes and trees that grow up the side of your home are one source of pest infestations. Trim these down so that they do not touch the sides of your home.

#5. Have Your Gutters Cleaned

Unless you have gutter guards installed, gutters will quickly become blocked with leaves, pests and other organisms. According to gutter specialists, extruded aluminum gutters are the toughest on the market and withstand years of cleaning without any deterioration. This will help keep the walls of your home in good condition and reduce the chances of pests breeding in the gutters and moving towards your home.

#4. Replace Deteriorating Wood

Rotten wood can invite pests such as termite all on its own. Therefore, one of the best tips for keeping your home free of pests is removing and replacing rotten wood such as fascia panels and siding as it becomes an issue.

#3. Keep Windows In Good Condition

The weather-stripping around windows doesn’t last forever. As it ages and loosens, it can leave gaps and cracks for insects to squeeze through into your home. Inspect your windows annually and replace older weather stripping as required.

#2. Watch Your Compost

Recycling organic kitchen and garden waste is a great way of minimizing the volume of trash that your home produces. Most homeowners keep a conical composting bin in their yard to aid the process and minimize the smell. Always situate this bin well away from your property so that it doesn’t encourage pest and rodents.

#1. Take A Free Home Evaluation

Pest control firms in Brampton offer free home evaluations. They will visit your home and take a tour of the interior and exterior. They will point out all causes for concern and guide your attention to any areas that need to be addressed.


These ten summertime pest proofing ideas should help you keep your home pest free. Let us know what worked for you in the comments below!

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