The Top 7 Indoor Pest Proofing Tips For The Summer


Summertime can be a busy period for Canadian pest control officers. With people going on vacation, having parties and spending more time outdoors, homes can quickly become magnets for all types of pests. The more time that people spend outdoors, the less time they are worrying about how clean their homes are and whether there is any risk of pest infestations. Don’t be another statistic. Here are the top seven indoor pest-proofing tips to help keep your home safe this summer.

#7. Take The Trash Out Regularly

The summer is a great time for having barbecues, entertaining guests and laying out spreads of food for friends and family. With all this time preparing food, you’ll inevitably cut corners and neglect to clean as thoroughly as you otherwise might. Dropped crumbs and morsels of food will attract no end of pests to your home. Make it a priority to take the trash out regularly. This reduces temptation for pests that might otherwise start nesting in your home.

#6. Keep Trash Cans And Garbage Cans Sealed

Keeping your garbage cans sealed will do a good job of dissuading pests from paying you a visit. It’s best to have flip-up trash cans in your home as the lids fall down and stop odor from attracting pests. Be sure to follow this tip to enjoy a blissfully pest free home.

#5. Seal All Food

Any opened loose food should either be stored in the refrigerator or placed in glass storage jars with rubber seal lids. Open food will attract everything from flies to cockroaches and ants.

#4. Pay For Professional Carpet Cleaning Or Rent Your Own Machine

The gold standard in carpet cleaning is known as hot water extraction but you probably know it as steam cleaning. Hot water extraction cleaners shoot heated cleaning solution into your carpets as you clean. They simultaneously such up the liquid along with the dirt as you go. You can hire a firm to do this or rent a machine yourself. This will eliminate everything from bedbug eggs to fleas, ticks and even ants.

#3. Take Your Pet To The Vets

Many vets offer preventative flea and tick treatments for cats and dogs. Preventatives usually last one month before needing to be reapplied. They ensure that your pet won’t be bothered by fleas, tick or mosquitoes and that any eggs they may have cannot hatch. This is a sensible way of reducing the spread of insects on your home.

#2. Seal Gaps And Cracks

Many companies such as Home Seal sell cans of expanding insulation foam. This can be directed into gaps and cracks around your window frames, into your walls and around plumbing fixtures. Simply spray in the foam and watch it expand to seal off the gaps. This can reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home and it definitely blocks off entry points for mice, cockroaches, ants and other critters.

#1. Have A Pest Inspection

Pest control companies in Brampton offer free pest inspections in the summer. These no-obligation visits will give you a valuable insight into whether your home is pest free. While the inspection is free, you will receive advice about the best course of action to take in terms of dealing with pests in your home. This advice alone can save you hundred of dollars.


These seven top pest proofing tips should help you keep your home free and clear this summer. Beating pests isn’t hard if you know the warning signs to look for and are vigilant about making mistakes that encourage pests to infest your home.

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