Top Solutions To Achieve Effective Bird Control


Birds are usually considered as harmless creatures of flight, unless you are talking about crows (you wouldn’t want to mess with them ever). However harmless they can be, they can sometimes cause some form of trouble to farmers, whose crops might be subjected to the risk of being disturbed by birds. Birds on migration usually find food such as fruits, wheat grains, and other perishables that are normally grown in a farm, this can potentially result in a lower crop yield for the affected farmers.

Eventually, medical problems may arise too, due to bird droppings that can become the host of nasty bacterial and germs. When it comes to crunch time, it may not be so practical to be out in the field by yourself to chase away every single bird that flocks by, so implementing control tactics to discourage birds instead would be a more feasible option. To help you do the job, there are several devices that contain ultrasonic features, taste modifiers, and scare features.

Unlike what you see in the movies, it isn’t enough to solve the problem with just placing a scarecrow in your field, this ineffective option actually applies more if your farm site covers more ground. Before settling down with any method, you got to first identify what kind of bird you’ll be dealing with. As mentioned, the size of the area that you’re trying to protect will determine the effectiveness of your control method. Hence, to help you choose wisely, below are a few of the effective solutions to keep unwanted birds at bay.

Cages & Traps

There are shops that sell traps to deal with pests. Regardless of how this is an absolute solution to end the birds’ terror, considering to trap them automatically classifies you in committing a inhuman act, especially in the eyes of individuals who rescue birds. To justify this classification, you have to be aware that not all birds you successfully capture, will later be released; majority of these birds might instead be sold for inhumane purposes. This is a pretty controversial method, and you might want to avoid capturing birds this way or even shoot them as an ultimatum.

Visual/Audio Devices

The 2 common types of such devices either work by producing ultrasonic sound waves or visual scares. The first one is setup in a way to imitate the calls and sounds of a larger predator to send threatening sounds towards the other birds. Those visual scares operate mostly like a scarecrow, but have more dynamic capabilities to change its images at intervals to prevent birds from seeing through your tricks.

Blockage & Barriers

In this area, you may also choose from options like wires, nets, electric fences, and even spikes to deter birds from flying over to a specific area. The non-electrical options are friendly to the ecosystem that thrives near your area and also saves you money, whereas electrical systems require electricity to operate for prolonged periods of time. Rest assured though, that the electrical shocks will not kill the bird, only to prevent them from entering or landing.

Growing of Plants & Chemical Deterrents

Alternatively, you can try to grow plants and fruits that the birds will be unfamiliar with to prevent them from excessive feeding. There are some chemicals that can alter the taste of the crops you’re growing, to make it unappetizing to the birds. These methods are considered to have short-burst effects, so regular use must be implemented.

To conclude this article, it’s always good to remember for the winged visitors, that you should only discourage not kill. Using more natural means to curb their disturbances is more favorable and humane; you’ll be doing your environment a huge favor. If you are unsure about which solution to settle on, don’t hesitate to find professional help from pest-control services that are well-equipped to deal with birds.

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