Wondering How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Home?


Homeowners can assert that unwanted pests such as squirrels can wreck havoc to the gardens, bird feeders, the bark of trees and even leave the entire place messy. They will chew on leaves and disrupt the balance of a garden. The best squirrel control tip is not how to control them; it is about how you can keep squirrels from controlling you. And as you are looking for the best ways to get rid of these creatures, you might be thinking of going the DIY way.

Cayenne pepper

Most local nurseries offer this tip to gardeners who are looking for ways to control squirrels. Sprinkle the pepper liberally around the border of your garden; squirrels don’t like this spice. This is a perfect squirrel pest control method but there are cases that some squirrels actually jump over this border and continue their destructive behavior.

Fence it

Although fencing your garden will call for some bucks, it is another commonly spoken method for squirrel pest control. A good thing about it is it is a permanent method, so you will soon see the results of your investment. You don’t need to reapply your fence; it is one time investment that will help protect your home from the garden pests for years to come. Some people do have reservations on this as it will cost a bomb compared to using pest control services.

Build cages to place over your plants

This is another fencing method which involves building a frame of wood which is covered with tight weaved chicken wire. The cage is placed over the delicate plants to protect them from the squirrels. And they are good because you can remove them whenever you want to water your plants, weed or for any other simple pleasure of garden gazing. But remember that this will only protect your garden but the squirrels are still able to access your property.


You can also use a variety of substances and vinegar to keep squirrels out of your home. Mix vinegar with mashed up garlic in spray bottle and spray the perimeter of your garden to ward off squirrels and other garden pests. You need to reapply this mixture after every rainfall or watering. To make it easier, you can put the mixture right into your watering can. This can be time consuming though as it takes recurring efforts on a regular basis.

Using professionals is the way to go

I have to honestly say that sometimes when you exhaust all these ways to keep squirrels out of your property, these cheeky squirrels will still be back to harass you and your property. After all, going DIY for squirrel removal will only stop the squirrels from coming temporarily. For long term results and guaranteed removal, you should consult pest control specialists who know how to humanely remove the squirrels.

Imperial Pest Control is the company you can always trust to protect your home against squirrels and other pests. We have over 15 years of experience in helping homes and businesses to get rid of nagging pests, so we will be pleased to work with you. Contact us any time of the day because we have a perfect remedy for the pests.

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